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Cynthia Kooima, MD

Dr. Cynthia Kooima

I’ve been very active in sports my entire life. From basketball to softball to triathlons plus I still enjoy cycling and skiing very much. I like that as an orthopedic surgeon, my JOB is to help keep other people active and doing what they like. I am dedicated to giving the best patient care. I try to get to know all of my patients on a personal level. I replaced a shoulder for a patient who lived in Michigan. She followed me to Arizona to have her other shoulder and her knee replaced. She said she couldn’t find this level of care in Michigan.

I am committed to taking care of all of my patients – from the person who is just looking to run their errands without pain to the high performance athlete looking to compete again. I enjoy that spectrum and appreciate each of you as individuals. I’m also proud of my work in becoming trained in the developing field of hip arthroscopy as well as our new relationship with the Arizona Derby Dames – our office has become the team doctors for this fast growing league of fearless women.





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