Orthopedic Leaders

Doug Griffin, DPM

My feet have hurt me my entire life! As a young athlete in high school I was diagnosed with a congenital foot problem, and the first doctor I saw offered to sell me his old violin and advised me to stop playing football.

Inspite of the physical limitation placed before me, I was undeterred to obtain my goal. I eventually found a doctor who listened to me and was very helpful in teaching me about my problem, and how to best deal with it.

I attended Utah State University on a full ride football scholarship. I continued to deal with my foot pain, and it was during this time, I decided I was going to help others with their foot problems.

I know from first hand experience, it’s important to be a doctor who listens to his patients, who is able to teach and communicate, and is able to present a helpful, individualized treatment plan for every patient.

I find great satisfaction and happiness in helping people of all ages over come their foot pain and realize their physical goals. Whether my patients are on the playing field or just wanting to get through the day with a smile on their face and a little less pain.





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