Orthopedic Leaders

Dwight S. Keller, MD

Dr. Dwight Keller

Dr. Keller, a Princeton graduate, chose orthopedics as his specialty because it was a natural fit. He was the go-to-guy in his family to get things fixed. A perfectionist at heart, Dr. Keller applies this natural aptitude to his orthopedic career. He’s passionate about his patients and strives to establish a personal connection with each one. Dr. Keller also gives his patients enough time so they never feel rushed out of the office.

As a busy orthopedic surgeon, he supports another talent for photography. He’s been making photos since grade school and is represented by a California gallery. Many years have passed the days is collected empty soda bottles to buy film. He has always been willing to work hard to supports his interests, including the orthopedic well-being of his patients.





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