Orthopedic Leaders

Todd Haddon, DPM

As a podiatric physician with over 15 years of experience working with patients domestically and internationally, I’ve learned to truly appreciate the importance of people’s feet for not just their mobility, but also for their general health and well-being in how they enjoy their lives.

As a foot and ankle surgeon, my focus is on providing the best in surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Additionally, I maintain an early adopter philosophy, adopting the latest in medical technology innovation, giving them knowledge and access to all the best options in emergent healthcare, while providing patients with optimal care in foot and ankle medicine.

In cases when surgery is required, I strive to provide the most advanced treatment available with minimally invasive procedures. My goal is simple: To get people back to their work, sport or daily activity as quickly and effortlessly as possible while restoring my patients to foot functionality and happiness.





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